Friday, 22 April 2016

Things I Love About Spring

My flat is filled with tulips and daffodils, the sun stays up till gone 8pm and I'm starting to head out of the house without my coat. These things can only mean that Spring has finally sprung, (well technically it sprung nearly two months ago but the rain to sun ratio was very much so 5:1). If you hadn't guessed already, I love Spring and what comes with it. With blossom flowing in the wind and lambs bleating in the meadows I'm pretty content, as long as the sun is making an appearance that is. And just like any other season, I feel Spring brings a right of passage of things that have to be done over the months, so I've created a list as to what I think that list should include.

1. Dining Alfresco
If I was still living at home I would 100% be coming home from work  and heading straight outside to sit down with my book and dinner. Unfortunately, a garden is the one thing we're missing with our flat, but fear not, we've applied for an allotment and have a large amount of neighbouring parks nearby. 

2. New Clothes
It goes without saying that a new season means a new wardrobe. It's out with the dark colours and in with the light. Mine is currently filling up with pastel skirts and printed shirts, now isn't that a nice phrase. 

3. Baby Animals
I know I've touched on this before but driving past the lambs every morning just makes my day. I've also started jogging in the evenings again which means when I get to the river there is a stream of ducklings just bobbing along. It's the little things that make me happy!

4. Flowers and Greenery
When it gets to this time of year I always think that the grass is just calling out to be sat on. It's just so green and fresh, and that smell once it has been cut, heaven {unless you're a hay fever sufferer}! The streets and fields are all so colourful too with the fresh blooms which make for great Instagram photos. 

5. Days Out
Now that the sun is actually out there's no excuse for you stay in your pjs all day. My favourite thing is the longer days and we've even started doing things in the evenings after work, who would have thought it!

6. Spring Scents
I love sniffing out a new candle and when you're in a new season it gives you a reason to head out and restock your rooms and cupboards. 

There are another 101 things I could ramble on about such as the pastel nail varnishes I'm yet to paint my nails with or the addition of Spring homeware essentials but I don't want to send you to sleep, so I shall leave it short and sweet. Have a wonderful spring-filled weekend!


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