Monday, 25 April 2016

Little Things #22

This week has reminded me of one thing, how terrible I am at painting my nails. Apparently buying new nail polishes doesn't automatically make you an A* nail painter, so I know what I'm going to be doing tonight. This last week{end especially} has been a busy one, and whilst it didn't start off the fresh-est, it ended pretty well with too much ice-cream and not enough vegetables, weekends are cheatends.

  1. Because Mr. Sunshine treated us to his presence from rise-to-set I managed to get out on a few jogs this week by the river. 
  2. The Queen turned 90 and being the royalist I am, I loved every minute. Especially all of the pictures of George, how adorable is he! 
  3. To celebrate said 90th birthday we headed to one of the local parks and ate fish n chips on a bench, watched a beacon being lit and sang Happy Birthday to HRH. 
  4. And as if I wasn't broody enough with all the pictures appearing of George, we had visit to the office from 4-day-old Cooper. He just slept in my arms and I could have quite happily taken him home with me. 
  5. I discovered there is a Twitter account for when and where York smells like chocolate, and it made my day. 
  6. I'm a little bit in love with my new shoes- paired with a stripy top and I feel like I should be on a catwalk. {with some jeans obvs!}
  7. We saw The Jungle Book at the cinema this week and it was amazing, I could quite happily go again, but maybe without the three rows of school kids in front of us. 
  8. Jay's mum and friend have been up this weekend so we spent our days shopping, walking and eating. 
  9. And I finally replaced my broken converse with a sparkling new pair.
Now here's to hoping this week goes quickly so we can welcome in May with a lovely three day weekend! 


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