Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Little Things #20

We're five days in and I feel like April is fully living up to it's rainy nature- I'm over here trying to prep my spring wardrobe and move forward into the times of shoes that don't require socks. Alas, weather moaning aside. It's been a little while since I posted a life update, and in-between trying to come up with healthy ways I can eat/bake/cook my growing pile of chocolate I've managed to lead a relatively interesting life with some mildly interesting things that keep me content in my little world.

1. It's 47 days till we jet off to Barcelona so preparation has begun.

2. Part of this preparation includes ensuring I'm not as pale as a ghost when baring my legs, so I'm currently trialling Garnier's sun kissed skin moisturiser. {when I say trialling I mean trying it for a few more days as a rash coincidently appeared which is because of a) the product or b) my eczema} 

3. I discovered Malton has the best ice-cream parlour. 

4. Rumour has it we could see a Princess Diaries 3 in the foreseeable future.

5. I dressed up as a ballerina for Sports Relief and got everyone in the office to play chbby bunnies.

6. We popped into the city, and I ended up in Zara. I cannot walk in without walking out with a purchase so I now have this, this and the pictured top in my wardrobe. 

7. Easter = food, friends and family. The best kind of alliteration.

8. We visited a farm over the weekend and I made friends with some lambs.

9. Spike outgrew his pot, so we bought a pretty new pot, did some gardening and left Spike 1 resembling a pineapple.

10. I'm up to date on Once Upon a Time and the fact that Swan and Hook are getting it back on makes me super happs. 

11. I've regained my student status by enrolling on a Social Media Marketing course for the next 4 weeks.

12. Tonight has been reserved for the Daredevil final. We have sweets and everything. 


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