Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A whole new wardrobe

H&M- Dancer Blouse | New Look- White Boots | H&M- Black Trousers | H&M- Knitted Cardigan | H&M- Navy TrousersNew Look- Grey Turtleneck | Zara- Leather Skirt |  New Look- Stripe Shirt

Having no money for the past few months has had me dreaming of the day I could head out and purchase my clothes wishlist, and it has finally come. A new job means buying a whole new wardrobe to suit the said job, something that makes my inner shopaholic jump for joy. And with this new job comes a salary that makes me feel a little less guilty for splashing the cash. 

My usual daytime attire consists of either jeans and a hoody or pj's and a dressing gown so I needed to step up my game a little- not sure what my employees would say if I turned up in my Winnie the Pooh number. Luckily, I have found some great additions for my new working wardrobe, H&M and New Look have been pretty helpful, with some bargains mixed in there too- I haven't included my in-store Zara finds. 

If there is anything else out there you think my wardrobe needs then let me know! 


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