Friday, 26 February 2016

Monthly Round Up: February 2016

It's getting to that time of the month where I generically come out with something along the lines of 'oh my gosh, where did this month go?' We all do it, lets not pretend it's just me. As you're probably more than aware, February marked the start of a journey into work life and the good news is I'm still loving it. It also marked me booking my first sunny escape for this year, I tried my hand fins at swimming and baked my first successful round of office cakes. 

The Good
Being a bus anchor-with-a-double-u I have noticed the beginnings of spring creeping. There are lambs in the tummies of the ewe's opposite the office, daffodils line my walk into work, and lighter mornings and evenings make the standing around at a bus stop hoping that the bus turns up a little more bearable. 

The Bad
Day 4 at work. I made a poor footwear decision, got off the bus a stop early and my salad leaked in my bag. I turned up to work feeling very sorry for myself with very sore feet and a bag that smelt of mango dressing.  

The Ugly
I faced a painful battle against the office bug. (I won the battle with a bit of help from some tomato soup, my scarf/blanket and numerous cups of tea) 

The Weird
We still haven't quite beat the cold weather yet. This week I have seen snow, sunshine and rain in the space of two hours, mental.  

The Wonderful
Today = payday. I know work isn't meant to be about the money, but it is, it's nice to finally have some dollar in my bank account that I've earnt, and bring it back up to a healthy number again. I also have a holiday to Barcelona to pay off, but we won't think about that. 

February has shaped up to be a pretty damn good month with very little mishaps. We do still have a few days left including an extra-special day, so here's to hoping that I haven't just jinxed myself and the last few days will be just as good. 

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