Monday, 22 February 2016

York Residents Festival // Part 2

If you haven't read part one of my adventures then head on over there before hand, gotta set the scene and give you some background information and all that jazz. The second installment came with a visit to Castle Howard, or Howard's Castle as Jay likes to call it. Admittedly the weather was a bit poop and we probably should have come here on the Saturday, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. 

Once again I made a poor footwear decision in not changing into my wellingtons but #yolo. Unfortunately the house isn't open during the winter period but we had full roam of the grounds which were flipping humongous- It would be the best place in the summer to spend a day with a picnic and a frisbee. The thousands of acres leads to woodland walks, a rather large lake or two, monuments, a rose garden, a zodiac fountain and a pretty awesome adventure playground- if it wasn't wet and I wasn't wearing my best coat I would have been down with the kids. 

After wandering round for a few hours our noses had gone as red as Rudolph's and our teeth were chattering which gave us the perfect excuse to warm up with a bite to eat. We tried to grab a seat half way round, in the restaurant by the lake but everyone had the same idea so we headed back for a slightly more upmarket lunch. I opted for a honey roast ham bruschetta, which was beautiful, accompanied by a hot chocolate of course. Full tummies and warm bodies later we went for an amble round the courtyard shops, nearly bought £35 worth of bacon then wandered back to the car. 

We did consider heading to a second destination of Holgate Windmill, but our tired legs told us otherwise and I had a whole lot of preparation to do for what was my first day of work- plus the weather was miserable. I'm excited to go back to Castle Howard in the summer to take a look round the house and forget that I'm twenty-one years old as a run round the adventure playground like an excited five-year-old.  


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