Thursday, 11 February 2016

Valentine's Gifts: Her vs. Him

Now we've consumed our body weight in Nutella/Lemon/Sugar/Golden Syrup covered pancakes it's time to move onto February's next event: Valentine's Day. There is the forever ongoing debate about how you don't need a dedicated day to appreciate your loved ones, blah blah blah, but us human beings are so busy now days that it is super easy to slip into a routine and take for grated what;s around you. I mean there is also that added bonus of presents and food, it's like Christmas all over again. So in honour of this lovey dovey occasion I've put together a few of my favourite pieces that I think would make a great V day present.
{Eds note: Gifts for her are in pink and gifts for him are in red. However, I'm all for equality so there is no definitive label on each gift}

Don't worry, for all you single pringle's who are reading this and rolling your eyes, Sir Valentine once said there's no better day to treat yourself. Disclaimer: he didn't, however if you're not spending the money on someone else then why not spend it on yourself, I'm sure you can think of a million reasons as to why you deserve it. And for all you lovers out there who are still yet to book that restaurant, what are you doing with your life? Valentine's means good food, well that's how we celebrate it anyway, so pull your finger out and get a wriggle on!


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