Sunday, 28 February 2016

Little Things #17

I think it's about time I finally admit my Valentines flowers have come to an end. They had a pretty long life really, but this does give me an excuse to buy some more! There's been a bit of a dry spell on my blog recently due to a whole week of hosting, but I'm back on track with a whole load of exciting posts, get your popcorn out. This past week hasn't been the most interesting, most of my evenings have been spent cooking bulk meals to make my life easier for the next fortnight, followed shortly by climbing into bed, what a fun twenty-one year old I am. But I am an easily pleased twenty-one year old so lets delve into what's made me happy recently:

1. I bought the most beautiful dress for my 'little' sister's first birthday and it just makes me want to have a baby now so I can dress them up in tiny clothes

2. I happened to buy the exact same boots as my mum, at the exact same time, on the same day, 140 miles away. How freaky. 

3. My favourite celeb family was extended with the arrival of Buddy Boy Fletcher, I cannot wait till we get to see his little face. 

4. We got doughnuts delivered to the office and it was a dream. I even managed to have some self control and only have one- one of the team had five!

5. Last weekend we ventured into the coffee shop that we can see from our window and what a decision that was. The cakes and fairy lights make it so Instagram worthy.

6. Adele took part in an Ellen prank and it is hilarious!

7. This week was payday. It's been 5 months since I last had a payday. Safe to say I'm feeling pretty rich

8. Tim Peake presented one of Adele's Brit awards and she cried. It was great. 

9. We may have finally come up with a new agency name for the beginnings of our rebrand and it's all super exciting. 

This week we enter March and I can't wait for lighter evenings and warmer days, I'm done with these freezing temperatures. 

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